Patch Notes 1.1
Dear SafariSwappers,
Following the success of our launch, we have collated feedback from our community regarding our NFTs treasure box as we continually seek to optimize the experience for holders.
In the first round of Safariswap loot box, we received some feedback from our community users that will be able to help us optimize the whole ecosystem and we are really thankful to the community’s support.
We will be adjusting each treasure box credit to a lower amount of 1 credit instead of the initial 10 credits (worth $24 USDT currently). This movement will allow our LP providers participate more in opening the treasure box as well as to farming and collecting SafariSwap NFTs for the gamification we have launching soon as well.
With this move, some changes will be made to the exchange value of the NFTs as well. We will continue to monitor this and always look to optimize our model.
We will be carrying out our update patch for this on tomorrow, 5th October 2021, at 2359 hours (UTC +8) Participants who have already opened their treasure box but have not exchange the NFT for $Nature may consider to do so before the update patch as changes will be applied after the patch. For more information & assistance, please kindly approach our Admins & CM in the telegram official channel.
Thanks once again for all of your support, as Safariswap is nothing without its amazing community! We will continue to work harder and bring even greater governance and participation for our community.
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