Safariswap Introduction
Welcome! The pages that follow contain comprehensive information on Safariswap.


Our Native Token

Our token is called The Nature Token ($Nature). Currently, it is listed on Pancakeswap. You can purchase $Nature by clicking here! (Do note that it might take awhile to load)

Phase 1 Workflow

User will provide liquidity ($Nature Token and USDT) at Pancakeswap. This will allow user LP tokens which can be used to farm our Nature Credit which can be used to purchase Treasure Box. The treasure box will randomly give user NFT which the user can used to claim prize for $Nature on a bweekly basis which give more $Nature or exchange NFT for $Nature at our shop

In-game Currency

Earn Nature Credit (cNature) by staking in our farms! It be can used to open treasure box and other features in Safariswap Ecosystem!
Nature Credit (cNature)


Earn our Nature Credit (cNature) by staking in our Farm!

Treasure Box

Open Treasure box using our Nature Credit Token to get a NFT!
Treasure Box

NFT Collections

List of NFTs Collection. View here!

Exchange NFTs for Nature Token!

Sell Safariswap NFTs for Nature tokens($Nature)! Each NFTs are worth a different prize.
Sell NFTs here for $Nature!
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